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Please use this form to submit any questions, comments or suggestions about the RI Transit Master Plan and potential FUTURE transit services.

For all other questions or concerns about transit services offered by RIPTA or RIDOT today, please contact RIPTA customer service and RIDOT customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I live in Rhode Island, how does this Plan impact me?

This plan will identify strategies to enhance the transit network, expand transit options, and extend transit service coverage. The idea is to help everyone who lives, works or plays in Rhode Island to more easily move around the state.

2. How does the TMP relate to other plans Ive heard of like the BMP or the LRTP?

Rhode Island has been investing in transportation planning across all modes. The Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP) provides a similar resource for bicycle planning as the TMP provides for transit planning. Like the TMP, the BMP provides a vision for the future in terms of building out critical elements of the bicycle network to improve overall mobility, and identifies priority projects. The Bicycle Mobility Plan will be completed in Spring 2019.

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) meets the federal requirements for state and metropolitan planning organization transportation planning and synthesizes needs across all modes of travel (transit, bikes, automobiles) and all facets of transportation (asset management, operations, safety, economic development, environmental impacts). This document will incorporate findings from the BMP and the TMP as well as other major planning efforts around the state that directly and indirectly impact transportation decision making. The Long Range Transportation Plan will be completed in 2019.

3. How can I get involved?

Public and stakeholder engagement are critical elements of the Transit Master Plan. Throughout the planning process this website can be used as a two-way communication tool where the project team will present updates and announce meetings and the public can write to us using the comment tool. Keep an eye out for public workshops held around the state over the course of the project to keep the public up to date on progress and changes and to ask for feedback as we reach key milestones.

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