About the Plan

Transit Master Plan

The Transit Master Plan will envision how our passenger transportation network should look and operate in the future. In Rhode Island, our passenger transportation network currently includes bus, rail and water transportation services. The Transit Master Plan will envision how this network should be enhanced and further developed to best meet the travel needs of the state's residents, workers and visitors. To develop this plan, we will use data, public input, stakeholder feedback and more. Both short-term and long-term projects will be proposed, as well as an implementation strategy identifying potential partnerships, policies and needed investments.

Plan Goals:

  • Develop a transit vision for Rhode Island over the next two decades
  • Identify the specific improvements needed to achieve the vision
  • Identify potential new sources of funding for the improvements
  • Identify governance changes that could help move the plan forward and improve service delivery
Local bus with bicylist using bus's front rack bike transport storage.


Transit Master Plan Schedule

Summer 2018

Data Collection

Overview of System

Market Analysis

Fall 2018

Draft State of the System


Evaluation Framework


Ideas for Strategies

Spring 2019

Draft Strategies/Scenarios

Final State of the System

Summer 2019

Final Strategies/Scenarios

Draft Recommendations

Fall 2019 to Winter 2020

Funding & Governance Alternatives

Final Recommendations

Final Plan Adoption and Implementation

Project Team

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority logo

Sarah Ingle - Project Manager

Greg Nordin - Chief of Strategic Advancement

Zachary Agush - Capital Planner

R.I. Department of Transportation logo

Steve Devine - Administrator of the Office of Transit

Andy Koziol - Assistant Chief of Planning

Randy Fixman - Supervising Planner

State of RI Seal

Meredith Brady - Associate Director

Michael D'Alessandro - Supervising Planner

Ben Jacobs - Principal Research Technician

Commuter rail trains, people and station platform.